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The Judge: The Army Mules Are Here

Sunday, March 31, 2019
The Army Mules Are Here

anna von reitz

By Anna Von Reitz

As you probably heard, the actual, factual, geographically-defined American States are assembling, and the actual, factual flesh-and-blood people are coming “home” and sorting the BS.

I’ve had a bunch of Sleeper Cells of British Territorial “United States Citizens” and Roman Municipal “Citizens of the United States” kicking up roadblocks and trying to undermine this lawful and constitutionally guaranteed action by the American People.

They’ve deliberately misrepresented and libeled and slandered me and clearly haven’t bothered to read my books or check my facts.

They’ve taken things out of context, purposefully twisted words and used semantic deceits (like not admitting the difference between a “State Judge” and a “State of State Judge”)—- ugly, personal propaganda stuff —–and all the while accusing me of doing what they are trying to do: mislead the American People.

Just like Hillary accusing Trump of colluding with the Russians, while doing that herself.

They’ve also been calling me “Mrs. Belcher” when they know and have been told that I don’t accept any foreign titles. “Mrs” is the wife of a “Mister” —- a British Merchant Marine Warrant Officer, or a British Navy Midshipmen. Now, obviously, I am neither a Brit nor a Sailor’s wife, and make no bones about it, but they are doing their best to mis-characterize me — and derail the effort to assemble the American States.

Why are they so desperate to do that? Because both Britain and Rome have had an incredible gravy train here. They’ve been charging up our credit cards and not paying the bills that they owe. They’ve been perpetuating fraud against little American babies in their cradles and using semantic deceit and non-disclosure to entrap and rob unsuspecting American Mothers and Fathers.

They’re scum.

And they deserve to have our commercial claims and criminal complaints shoved sideways for what they’ve done and also for what they have failed to do.

They don’t want the actual American States to assemble, because the actual American States are parties to the Constitutions and can enforce the Constitutions.

So it’s a full-out battle with them slinging mud at me, and them trying to scare people into doing nothing to help themselves, and them trying to pretend that they, too, are assembling legitimately constituted states, when they aren’t doing that and can’t do it, either.

We, those of us who have reclaimed our American State Citizenship, are assembling actual States, like Michigan and Texas and California.

They, the “US Citizens”, are assembling “States of States” and trying to pass these off as our States of the Union.

They pulled it in 1868 and they pulled it in 1907 and they pulled it in 1933 and they pulled it again in 1946 and again in 1953….. and they think that we are so stupid that we are just going to sit here and let them do it to us again.

But we, the actual American People, have a different idea.

We are going to peaceably assemble our States of the Union and enforce the Public Law and the Constitutions we are owed. We are going to claim all the “missing National Credit” we are owed. We are going to finish the so-called “Reconstruction” and leave no excuse for these usurpers to claim that any “emergencies” or “war powers” exist.

We are going to roll and keep rolling.

We are going to clean house like it hasn’t been cleaned in 200 years.

So, if you want your Constitutions enforced and you want the Public Law honored again in this country, and if you want our veterans to get the payment (not welfare “benefits”— payment) they are owed and you want these vampires to stop preying upon little babies —- join the effort and push hard for assembling our actual States.

We have our own website up —- , plus a second website — .

These two websites explain the basic situation.

Americans have been purposefully misidentified as Brits and as Citizens of the Holy Roman Empire franchise deceptively calling itself “the United States” after the actual United States—- The United States, an unincorporated Union of Republican States.

These deceitful fraud schemes have been played against Americans in Gross Breach of Trust for 150 years. It’s time for it to be recognized for the criminal activity that it is and it is time for the American People to put their feet down. Boots on the ground.

So do your paperwork to rebut all the false registrations and false commercial claims these demons have made against you and your Good Name and Estate. We teach everyone how and give the information away for free.

There’s my website, , where I explain it and provide templates as part of Article 928. There’s a great independent Do-It-Yourself website at .

And there’s a Help Service (their portal is posted on the front page of my website, the blue form at the bottom right side) so that no American who wants to come home to the land and soil of their birth is left behind just because they don’t have a computer or computer skills or because they need help understanding the paperwork.

You all always challenge everybody and ask if they’ve “got the guts”….. well, there aren’t any lying cowards here, no Closet Tories, no NWO.

We all know exactly who we are: Americans. We all know what we are doing: Assembling the actual States of the Union. And we all know what we are going to do after the Assembly process is complete.

So please get behind the effort and shove. The sooner we get the States set up and fully functioning, the sooner our State Courts are functioning and the sooner the British and Roman Carpetbagger Courts have to shut down.

The sooner all the States are fully “populated”, the sooner we have the muscle to put an end to the tax frauds and fraudulent foreclosures.

The sooner our States are standing up and our People are on the move, the sooner we can shut down the hospitals that are engaged in human trafficking and free our doctors and nurses and dentists who have been conscripted and licensed against their wills.

The sooner all the actual States are assembled and taking action, the sooner the States can reconstruct the Federal States of States we are owed, and put an end to the false claims of “emergency” and “war powers” that never legitimately existed.

Get a move on, boys, and don’t get confused. Keep together and moving in the right direction and the victory is assured.


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Amorica and America

Friday, March 29, 2019

anna von reitz

Amorica and America

By Anna Von Reitz

When I was in Third Grade we were studying Early American History.  It came right after a three-week session on the Spanish Conquest and the European colonization of the Caribbean, Meso-America, and Mexico.  Whew!  I was thinking I knew more about South America than North America when my teacher, Mrs. Sampson (an otherwise reliable adult) told me that America was named after an Italian mapmaker called Amerigo Vespucci. 
No doubt most of the rest of you have been told this same ridiculous lie?   There are probably school teachers reading this who are still teaching this same drivel?
America is named after Amorica, a region of far western France facing the English Channel and more or less directly east of Northumbria, the ancient ancestral home of the Amoricans,
The Amoricans come from coastal Normandy and they are the ones who discovered and populated North America — hence the name, “America” is just an English transliteration of the French Tribal Name, Amorica. 
This is an inconvenient fact because the Amoricans have always been allied with the King of Gaul and the same Barons of Normandy who beat the crap out of England in 1066. 
The King of Gaul’s home has always been the Auvergne province of France, where the ruins of Camelot (“the charmed land”) are, where Lancelot returned after the disaster of King Arthur fame. 
There is a very good reason why Camelot has never been found in Britain and never will be. It’s not there.  It’s French, not British.  Look at the words: “Camelot” and “Lancelot”.   Think that is just a coincidence?  Do those look like British words?
Amorica and America.  Lancelot and Camelot. 
The common people of England captured the story of Arthur’s Round Table and kept it alive and Anglicized it, though none of the principals in the whole story were English.
Arthur was the grandson of a brutal Irish privateer who conquered a large segment of modern day Wales.  Not English.  Guinnivere, the White Owl, was Celtic French, part of the same ruling family as Lancelot; she was heir of the Kingdom of Powys in central England. Not an Englishman among them.
But they were all greatly impacted by the Roman occupation of England and by the arrival of Christianity and they were all allied against the invading Norsemen who ravaged the coasts of both England and France.
We know the truth. The Holy See knows the truth.  There are plenty of others still alive upon the Earth who know the truth, too.  Why don’t you? 
So when I am told (with a straight face) that the Vatican owns the name “America” and by assumption, owns this whole country — I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Are we all so gullible as to believe this? 
Let me tell you all for a fact and for your profit, the Amoricans were a Celtic Tribe and had their name before the City of Rome was founded. 
The English knew the “Americans” and traded with them long, long before Julius Caesar arrived in England. 
The land of the Amoricans in Normandy was never conquered by Rome.  Quite the opposite. They allied with the Visigoths and kicked Roman butt clear back across the Rubicon.  They sacked Rome and carried the plunder clear to China. 
The whole idea that the Holy See — or their Property Managers at the Vatican– either one, have any valid claim to own the name “America” is the kind of Big Lie that makes one suck in breath just because it is so wildly audacious and so completely bogus.  
It makes the Amerigo Vespucci Whopper look small by comparison.
Remember that you are dealing with those who worship The Father of All Lies.  Take nothing they say seriously.  Look diligently for the truth in all things. 
The Belle Chers and the Amoricans / Americans have never been conquered in war by the Romans, by the Holy See, or the Holy Roman Empire, either.
Guilleroi de Lancelot du Lac (Lancelot’s actual name) handed them their heads in 506 AD.  William the Conqueror did the same in 1066 AD.  And William Belcher did the same in 1781 AD. 
Three times and out.  They have no legs left to stand on.
And so, why do you suppose the Marquis de Lafayette came to our aid during the Revolution?  Because he was the French Heir to the King of Gaul from the same ancient Kingdom of the Auvergne, Camelot.  He came to the aid of his kinsman, William Belcher.   
And together, they beat the Vermin bloody once again. 
It is tiresome to even speak of all this.  It is settled and done and well-won and over.  We are not going to go through any more terrestrial argument over this. Our King, the true King of Heaven, the Creator, is triumphant; the Liars are just Liars, as they were and are and always have been. 
As a good polite child, I didn’t tell my teacher, Mrs. Sampson, that she was full of #$%$# —– but that does not change the fact that I knew she was.  And now you know it, too. 
America is named for our ancestral homeland, Amorica. And nobody owns that “copyright” but us. 
All men are set free to know and be their Divine Heritage. Nothing on Earth, no Lie, no Deceit, no Venal Sin is left to betray what will be. 
Know this, all you people of the Earth: Our flesh is nothing.  Our spirit is everything.  We burn clear through the lies like so much brush waiting to be consumed.  Let those Liars come.  Let them come and see what their lies will merit before the King of Kings.

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Anna Von Reitz- The American National Credit

Friday, March 29, 2019

The American National Credit

By Anna Von Reitz
For those of you who missed my partial run-down of what Americans are owed, you should all know that Americans are owed back the National Credit, about $21 trillion dollars worth of credit that has already been earned and which stands on the books of the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE. 
How did this American National Credit Accrue?
For over a 100 years (1913 to date) we have been exchanging our actual goods, natural resources, and labor for I.O.U.s — Promissory Notes called “Federal Reserve Notes”.  We have never been paid.
Via this mechanism, a vast National Debt has been accumulated by the United States [Inc.] and its corporate franchises known as “Citizens of the United States”.  There has also been a very substantial debt accrued by the British Territorial Government doing business “the” United States of America and its corporate franchises known as “United States Citizens”. 
Taken together, this accounts for the “US National Debt”, of about $21 trillion dollars, which is owed entirely by these two kinds of “US Citizens”.
We, Americans, have been falsely and purposefully misidentified as “US Citizens” with the clear object of making us responsible for paying the US Debt.  At the same time, we have been declared “missing” and “legally dead” so as to prevent us from claiming all the credit that is in fact owed to us.
It’s a commercial fraud scheme designed to exchange pieces of paper for actual goods and services and never have to pay back anything to the victims.
But in fact, we are very much alive and we are Americans and we were –for most of us anyway—never knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily acting as US Citizens.  We are owed the $21 trillion National Credit. 
Why is the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE involved and holding our credit?
This goes back to the Lieber Code issued as General Order 100 in 1863.  It replaced “all law” and became the law of the British Territorial Government. Among other things, it made the US Army responsible for protecting our money— but as they were also spending our money, there was a natural conflict of interest involved. 
So, they passed off the actual bookkeeping to their co-workers in the Municipal United States Government— the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE. As a result, a gigantic “Foreign Credit” began building up on the books of the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE. 
This “Foreign Credit” is largely owed to us.  It represents the “US National Debt” on one side of the ledger, and the American National Credit on the other side of the ledger. 
The problem is, we have never been able to access our credit. 
It was simply locked up on the false pretense that we were all “dead” and all our individual credit-side ACCOUNTS were closed, while debts continued to accrue against our fraudulently probated ESTATES. 
Just like what happens when someone dies and their estate is probated, financial transactions continue after their death.  Bills continue to come in and credits continue to accrue —- sometimes for a long time. 
That’s the “system” they have been using to pretend that we are dead on one hand, and yet still allow themselves to have access to our falsely constructed “ESTATES” on the other.  
To finesse this Gross Breach of Trust and financial fraud,  they declared us “Authorized Representatives” of our own ESTATES and held us responsible for paying all debts of the ESTATES—- without, however, giving us access to all the credit owed to us to offset these ESTATE debts.
Thus the Foreign Credit owed to us continued to accumulate on the books of the DOD and the US Debt also continued to grow — and the Municipal Government strong-arm racketeered us to pay up debts we never owed under the false pretense that we were all knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily acting as United States Citizens—unpaid volunteers, no less.
Of course, the perpetrators indoctrinated us to “assume” that we were “US Citizens” from an early age.  They changed our political status records while we were still babies in our cradles and used coercion and semantic deceit to do it.  In this way, by identity theft, mis-characterization, falsification of records, semantic deceit, impersonation, and probate fraud,  they “killed off” all the Americans who are owed credit, and left nothing but the debt-bearing “US Citizens” behind.
So they could wallow like cats in cream, give us Monopoly Money I.O.U.s that cost next to nothing for them to produce, and receive actual goods and labor in exchange.  It was the ultimate capitalist dream. 
Something for nothing. 
And the Federal Reserve acting in collusion with Cede and Company and the DTTC and WIPO and the US Patent and Trademark Office orchestrated all of it.  We have the complete story and all the goods on all of them.
For over a hundred years the mysterious Foreign Credit kept on growing in the dark….and the “US National Debt” kept accruing.
I almost hear the theme from “JAWS” playing in the background….
To make a long story short — I observed that in a debt-credit system, it is impossible to accrue a debt.  All transactions in such a system are zero-sum transactions. For every debt, an answering credit is created.  
So like the old woman in the “Where’s the beef?” commercial, I started the Hounds of Hell on a mission to find out, “Where’s the American National Credit?”
We found it in 2011.  It’s being held (and held up) by the Municipal DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE and managed by the Seven Grumpy Old Men — the Military Bankers responsible for the Office of Military Settlements/OMS in California. 
They have this Albatross of criminal mismanagement firmly anchored around their respective necks and are still too stubborn to face the facts and return the credit where its due — to the hard-working people of this country and their lawful government, The United States of America [Unincorporated].
Some things you can’t go back to not knowing once you know them.  This is one of those things. 
In order for them to pay you back the credit that is already accrued and owed to you, you have to “come back from the dead” — return “from across the seas (of BS paperwork)”— and record your presence on the land and soil as an American, born and bred.
You have to raise your hand and say, “Hey, a mistake has been made. I’m an American State National (or American State Citizen).  I’m not any kind of US Citizen.”
And that is what we are doing by the hundreds, by the thousands, and soon by the millions. 
Here’s the irony. 
The DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE can wipe out most of the combined US Debt simply by transferring the credit to our lawful government and letting us establish a Credit Voucher system for Americans to offset debts.
The US Citizens would be happy, because all that US Debt would fall away off their shoulders.
The Americans would be happy, because they would also be free of debts that they have never in fact owed. 
This is just one of multiple fraud schemes and false claims associated with our assets. There’s more.  A lot more.  And it is time for a reckoning.
What can you do? 
Become aware.  Wake up.  Smell the java.
If you aren’t actually a Federal Civilian or Military Employee — and receiving a payroll check — you have zero reason to adopt any form of “US Citizenship”. Your actual government is still here, still waiting for you to claim your true identity as an American. 
There’s some paperwork to fill out and record.  Go to: , Article 928, go to: .
There’s some “technical issues” — like new passports and travel cards instead of “Driver Licenses” and cancellation of registrations to be resolved.
There are vacant offices to be filled. 
There are State Assemblies to fully populate.  State Courts to be staffed.
Federal-level States of States need to be reconstructed. 
No doubt, there’s a lot of work in front of us, but we know where we are going and basically, how to get there.
Once you have your paperwork on the record and your private records in order, it’s time to “Sign In”.  Go to: .
We are building the national data base of Americans who have come home to the land and soil — both American State Nationals and American State Citizens. 
This data base will allow The United States of America [Unincorporated] to reclaim the assets we are owed and provide the political basis for Americans to take peaceful and proper action in their own behalf to: (1) reclaim all the constitutional guarantees; (2) enforce the Public Law; (3) enforce our international and commercial remedies; (4) pre-screen people eligible to receive Credit Vouchers to offset US Debt; (5) negotiate and issue proper passports, travel cards, and tax exemption certificates; (6) operate the republican form of government we are owed. 
We have plenty of slaves clinging to their chains as if they were security blankets, trying to scare everyone into accepting the status quo and going for another round of the same old fraud scheme, while they themselves hide behind fake names like “Merlin” or “Virgo Triad” or “Sun-Tzu”. 
If I were trying to sell what these agents are pushing, I’d be hiding behind a fake name, too. 
But I am not hiding.  I am standing here on my own and telling you the God’s Honest Truth. 
Chances are that you are and have always been an American, not any kind of US Citizen at all. 
Chances are that you are owed more credit than you can even imagine, and shouldn’t be paying any debts at all.  No utility bills, either.
Oh.  And by the way — what happens to the American National Credit if you don’t stand up, get organized, and claim it?  The commercial banks are pushing to have it all declared “abandoned funds” and given away as a sop to cover their sins.
See this article and over 1700 others on Anna’s website here:
To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.

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LEGAL NOTICE: The Authors specifically invoke the First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and of the press, without prejudice, on this website. The information posted on this website is published for informational purposes only under the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution for the united States of America. Images, text and logic are copyright protected. ALL rights are explicitly reserved without prejudice, and no part of this website may be reproduced unless by written consent. You hereby have written consent to post any individual post from this website containing this copyright to any other blog or email only if you post the whole and unaltered article including this copyright, do not use the article for monetary gain, and give proper credit to the author, and a link back to this blog at This applies only to articles written or posted by Paul Stramer or Anna Von Reitz. ©2005-2019 by Montana Business Communications (PDS) All rights remain in force. Removing this notice forfeits all rights to recourse. Copyright strictly enforced © The videos are third party and not covered by this legal notice.

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The Power of Christian Young Men: Woodrow Wilson- 1914

This is the text of a speech Woodrow Wilson gave on October 24, 1914 at Pittsburg. The title of the speech is “The Power of Christian Young Men.” The speech can be found in Selected Addresses and Papers of Woodrow Wilson (New York: Boni and Liverlight, Inc, 1918) pp. 49-55.

Mr. President, Mr. Porter, Ladies and Gentlemen:

I feel almost as if I were a truant, being away from Washington to-day, but I thought that perhaps if I were absent the Congress would have the more leisure to adjourn. I do not ordinarily open my office at Washington on Saturday. Being a schoolmaster, I am accustomed to a Saturday holiday, and I thought I could not better spend a holiday than by showing at least something of the true direction of my affections; for by long association with the men who have worked for this organization I can say that it has enlisted my deep affection.

I am interested in [this organization] for various reasons. First of all, because it is an association of young men. I have had a good deal to do with young men in my time, and I have formed an impression of them which I believe to be contrary to the general impression. They are generally thought to be arch radicals. As a matter of fact, they are the most conservative people I have ever dealt with. Go to a college community and try to change the least custom of that little world and find how the conservatives will rush at you. Moreover, young men are embarrassed by having inherited their father’s opinions. I have often said that the use of a university is to make young gentlemen as unlike their fathers as possible. I do not say that with the least disrespect for the fathers; but every man who is old enough to have a son in college is old enough to have become very seriously immersed in some particular business and is almost certain to have caught the point of view of that particular business. And it is very useful to his son to be taken out of that narrow circle, conducted to some high place where he may see the general map of the world and of the interests of mankind, and there shown how big the world is and how much of it his father may happen to have forgotten. It would be worth while for men, middle-aged and old, to detach them selves more frequently from the things that command their daily attention and to think of the sweeping tides of humanity.

Therefore I am interested in this association, because it is intended to bring young men together before any crust has formed over them, before they have been hardened to any particular occupation, before they have caught an inveterate point of view; while they still have a searchlight that they can swing and see what it reveals of all the circumstances of the hidden world.

I am the more interested in it because it is an association of young men who are Christians. I wonder if we attach sufficient importance to Christianity as a mere instrumentality in the life of mankind. For one, I am not fond of thinking of Christianity as the means of saving individual souls. I have always been very impatient of processes and institutions which said that their purpose was to put every man in the way of developing his character. My advice is: Do not think about your character. If you will think about what you ought to do for other people, your character will take care of itself. Character is a by-product, and any man who devotes himself to its cultivation in his own case will become a selfish prig. The only way your powers can become great is by exerting them outside the circle of your own narrow, special, selfish interests. And that is the reason of Christianity. Christ came into the world to save others, not to save himself; and no man is a true Christian who does not think constantly of how he can lift his brother, how he can assist his friend, how he can enlighten mankind, how he can make virtue the rule of conduct in the circle in which he lives. An association merely of young men might be an association that had its energies put forth in every direction, but an association of Christian young men is an association meant to put its shoulders under the world and lift it, so that other men may feel that they have companions in bearing the weight and heat of the day; that other men may know that there are those who care for them, who would go into places of difficulty and danger to rescue them, who regard them selves as their brother’s keeper.

And, then, I am glad that it is an association. Every word of its title means an element of strength. Young men are strong. Christian young men are the strongest kind of young men, and when they associate themselves together they have the incomparable strength of organization. The Young Men’s Christian Association once excited, perhaps it is not too much to say, the hostility of the organized churches of the Christian world, because the movement looked as if it were so nonsectarian, as if it were so outside the ecclesiastical field, that perhaps it was an effort to draw young men away from the churches and to substitute this organization for the great bodies of Christian people who joined themselves in the Christian denominations. But after a while it appeared that it [the YMCA] was a great instrumentality that belonged to all the churches; that it was a common instrument for sending the light of Christianity out into the world in its most practical form, drawing young men who were strangers into places where they could have companionship that stimulated them and suggestions that kept them straight and occupations that amused them without vicious practice; and then, by surrounding themselves with an atmosphere of purity and of simplicity of life, catch something of a glimpse of the great ideal which Christ lifted when He was elevated upon the cross.

I remember hearing a very wise man say once, a man grown old in the service of a great church, that he had never taught his son religion dogmatically at any time; that he and the boy’s mother had agreed that if the atmosphere of that home did not make a Christian of the boy, nothing that they could say would make a Christian of him. They knew that Christianity was catching, and if they did not have it, it would not be communicated. If they did have it, it would penetrate while the boy slept, almost; while he was unconscious of the sweet influences that were about him, while he reckoned nothing of instruction, but merely breathed into his lungs the wholesome air of a Christian home. That is the principle of the Young Men’s Christian Association to make a place where the atmosphere makes great ideals contagious. That is the reason that I said, though I had forgotten that I said it, what is quoted on the outer page of the program that you can test a modern community by the degree of its interest in its Young Men’s Christian Association. You can test whether it knows what road it wants to travel or not. You can test whether it is deeply interested in the spiritual and essential prosperity of its rising generation. I know of no test that can be more conclusively put to a community than that.

I want to suggest to the young men of this association that it is the duty of young men not only to combine for the things that are good, but to combine in a militant spirit. There is a fine passage in one of Milton’s prose writings which I am sorry to say I can not quote, but the meaning of which I can give you, and it is worth hearing. He says that he has no patience with a cloistered virtue that does not go out and seek its adversary. Ah, how tired I am of the men who are merely on the defensive, who hedge themselves in, who perhaps enlarge the hedge enough to include their little family circle and ward off all the evil influences of the world from that loved and hallowed group. How tired I am of the men whose virtue is selfish because it is merely self-protective! How much I wish that men by the hundred might volunteer to go out and seek an adversary and subdue him!

I have had the fortune to take part in affairs of a considerable variety of s us, and I have tried to hate, as few persons as possible but there is an exquisite combination of contempt and hate that I have for a particular kind of person, and that is the moral coward. I wish we could give all our cowards a perpetual vacation. Let them go off and sit on the side lines and see us play the game; and put them oft the field if they interfere with the game They do nothing but harm, and they do it by that most subtle and fatal thing of all, that of taking the momentum and the spirit and the forward dash out of things. A man who is virtuous and a coward has no marketable virtue about him. The virtue, I repeat, which is merely self-defensive is not serviceable even, I suspect, to himself For how a man can swallow and not taste bad when he is a coward and thinking only of himself I can not imagine.

Be militant! Be an organization that is going to do things! If you can find older men who will give you countenance and acceptable leadership, follow them: but if you can not, organize separately and dispense with them. There are only two sorts of men worth associating with when something is to be done. Those are young men and men who never grow old. Now, if you find men who have grown old, about whom the crust has hardened, whose hinges are stiff, whose minds always have their eye over the shoulder thinking of things as they were done, do not have anything to do with them. It would not be Christian to exclude them from your organization, but merely used them to pad the roll. If you can find older men who will lead you acceptably and keep you in countenance, I am bound as an older man to advise you to follow them. But suit yourselves. Do not follow people that stand still. Just remind them that this is not a statical proposition; it is a movement, and if they can not get a move on them they are not serviceable.

Life, gentlemen – the life of society, the life of the world – has constantly to be fed from the bottom. It has to be fed by those great sources of strength which are constantly rising in new generations. Red blood has to be pumped into it. New fiber has to be supplied. That is the reason I have always said that I believed in popular institution. If you can guess beforehand whom your rulers are going to be, you can guess with a very great certainty that most of them will not be fit to rule. The beauty of popular institutions is that you do not know where the man is going to come from, and you do not care so he is the right man. You do not know whether he will come from the avenue or from the alley. You do not know whether he will come from the city or the farm. / You do not know whether you will ever have heard that name before or not. Therefore you do not limit at any point your supply of new strength. You do not say it has got to come through the blood of a particular family or through the processes of a particular training, or by anything except the native impulses and genius of the man himself. /The humblest hovel, therefore, may produce you your greatest man. A very humble hovel did produce you one of your greatest men. That is the process of life, this constant surging up of the new strength of unnamed, unrecognized, uncatalogued men who are just getting into the running, who are just coming up from the masses of the unrecognized multitude. You do not know when you will see above the level masses of the crowd some great stature lifted head and shoulders above the rest, shouldering its way, not violently but gently, to the front and saying, “Here am I; follow me.” And his voice will be your voice, his thought will be your thought, and you will follow him as if you were following the best things in yourselves.

When I think of an association of Christian young men I wonder that it has not already turned the world upside down. I wonder, not that it has done so much, for it has done a great deal, but that it has done so little; and I can only conjecture that it does not realize its own strength. I can only imagine that it has not yet got its pace. I wish I could believe, and I do believe, that at 70 it is just reaching its majority, and that from this time on a dream greater even than George Williams ever dreamed will be realized in the great accumulating momentum of Christian men throughout the world. For, gentlemen, this is an age in which the principles of men who utter public opinion dominate the world. It makes no difference what is done for the time being. After the struggle is over the jury will sit, and nobody can corrupt that jury.

At one time I tried to write history. I did not know enough to write it, but I knew from experience how hard it was to find an historian out, and I trusted I would not be found out. I used to have this comfortable thought as I saw men struggling in the public arena. I used to think to myself, “This is all very well and very interesting. You probably assess yourself in such and such a way. Those who are your partisans assess you thus and so. Those who are your opponents urge a different verdict. But it does not make very much difference, because after you are dead and gone some quiet historian will sit in a secluded room and tell mankind for the rest of time just what to think about you, and his verdict, not the verdict of your partisans and not the verdict of your opponents, will be the verdict of posterity.” I say that I used to say that to myself. It very largely was not so. And yet it was true in this sense: If the historian really speaks the judgment of the succeeding generation, then he really speaks the judgment also of the generations that succeed it, and his assessment, made without the passion of the time, made without partisan feeling in the matter—in other circumstances, when the air is cool—is the judgment of mankind upon your actions.

Now, is it not very important that we who shall constitute a portion of the jury should get our best judgments to work and base them upon Christian forbearance and Christian principles, upon the idea that it is impossible by sophistication to establish that a thing that is wrong is right? And yet, while we are going to judge with the absolute standard of righteousness, we are going to judge with Christian feeling, being men of a like sort ourselves, suffering the same temptations, having the same weaknesses, knowing the same passions; and while we do not condemn, we are going to seek to say and to live the truth. What I am hoping for is that these seventy years have just been a running start, and that now there will be a great rush of Christian principle upon the strongholds of evil and of wrong in the world. Those strongholds are not as strong as they look. Almost every vicious man is afraid of society, and if you once open the door where he is, he will run. All you have to do is to fight, not with cannon but with light.

May I illustrate it in this way? The Government of the United States has just succeeded in concluding a large number of treaties with the leading nations of the world, the sum and substance of which is this, that whenever any trouble arises the light shall shine on it for a year before anything is done; and my prediction is that after the light has shone on it for a year it will not be necessary to do anything; that after we know what happened, then we will know who was right and who was wrong. I believe that light is the greatest sanitary influence in the world. That, I suppose, is scientific commonplace, because if you want to make a place wholesome the best instrument you can use is the sun; to let his rays in, let him search out all the miasma that may lurk there. So with moral light: It is the most wholesome and rectifying, as well as the most revealing, thing in the world, provided it be genuine moral light; not the light of inquisitiveness, not the light of the man who likes to turn up ugly things, not the light of the man who disturbs what is corrupt for the mere sake of the sensation that he creates by disturbing it, but the moral light, the light of the man who discloses it in order that all the sweet influences of the world may go in and make it better.

That, in my judgment, is what the Young Men’s Christian Association can do. It can point out to its members the things that are wrong. It can guide the feet of those who are going astray; and when its members have realized the power of the Christian principle, then they will not be men if they do not unite to see that the rest of the world experiences the same emancipation and reaches the same happiness of release.

I believe in the Young Men’s Christian Association because I believe in the progress of moral ideas in the world; and I do not know that I am sure of anything else. When you are after something and have formulated it and have done the very best thing you know how to do you have got to be sure for the time being that that is the thing to do. But you are a fool if in the back of your head you do not know it is possible that you are mistaken. All that you can claim is that that is the thing as you see it now and that you cannot stand still; that you must push forward the things that are right. It may turn out that you made mistakes, but what you do know is your direction, and you are sure you are moving in that way. I was once a college reformer, until discouraged, and I remember a classmate of mine saying, “Why, man, can’t you let anything alone?” I said, “I let everything alone that you can show me is not itself moving in the wrong direction, but I am not going to let those things alone that I see are going downhill”; and I borrowed this illustration from an ingenious writer. He says, “If you have a post that is painted white and want to keep it white, you cannot let it alone; and if anybody says to you, ‘Why don’t you let that post alone,’ you will say, ‘Because I want it to stay white, and therefore I have got to paint it at least every second year.’” There isn’t anything in this world that will not change if you absolutely let it alone, and therefore you have constantly to be attending to it to see that it is being taken care of in the right way and that, if it is part of the motive force of the world, it is moving in the right direction.

That means that eternal vigilance is the price, not only of liberty, but of a great many other things. It is the price of everything that is good. It is the price of one’s own soul. It is the price of the souls of the people you love; and when it comes down to the final reckoning you have a standard that is immutable. What shall a man give in exchange for his own soul? Will he sell that? Will he consent to see another man sell his soul? Will he consent to see the conditions of his community such that men’s souls are debauched and trodden under foot in the mire? What shall he give in exchange for his own soul, or any other man’s soul? And since the world, the world of affairs, the world of society, is nothing less and nothing more than all of us put together, it is a great enterprise for the salvation of the soul in this world as well as in the next. There is a text in Scripture that has always interested me profoundly. It says godliness is profitable in this life as well as in the life that is to come; and if you do not start it in this life, it will not reach the life that is to come. Your measurements, your directions, your whole momentum, have to be established before you reach the next world. This world is intended as the place in which we shall show that we know how to grow in the stature of manliness and of righteousness.

I have come here to bid Godspeed to the great work of the Young Men’s Christian Association. I love to think of the gathering force of such things as this in the generations to come. If a man had to measure the accomplishments of society, the progress of reform, the speed of the world’s betterment, by the few little things that happened in his own life, by the trifling things that he can contribute to accomplish, he would indeed feel that the cost was much greater than the result. But no man can look at the past of the history of this world without seeing a vision of the future of the history of this world; and when you think of the accumulated moral forces that have made one age better than another age in the progress of mankind, then you can open your eyes to the vision. You can see that age by age, though with a blind struggle in the dust of the road, though often mistaking the path and losing its way in the mire, mankind is yet sometimes with bloody hands and battered knees nevertheless struggling step after step up the slow stages to the day when he shall live in the full light which shines upon the uplands, where all the light that illumines mankind shines direct from the face of God.